Drives are the reason that your characters, upon finding out that vampires are real and trying to kill them, fight instead of fleeing into the woods. Mechanically, if you ignore your drive, you suffer an action penalty. This shouldn’t come up in practice, however. You should be picking a drive that you want to follow through on.

This is kind of important, because I’ll be designing the conspiracy based, in part, upon your drives. Just like Michael Weston had the Patriotism Drive and found that the conspiracy that burned him had anti-american interests and the CIA plots Jason Bourne butts into always tie back into the conspiracy that Programmed him, I’ll be doing my best to make this personal.

The list from the book follows, but I’d like a bit more to it than just the entry you pick. Some explanation as to WHY would be great. I’m not looking for a lot, mind. More than a sentence would be overkill. If you pick ‘No Where Else To Go’, for example, I’d like to know what disaster ruined your previous associations, so I can more easily tie it to the conspiracy, or at least draw parallels.

Altruism: You got into the game to protect innocents from terrorists, or disease, or war, or tyranny.

Atonement: You did something wrong: committed a crime, betrayed your friends, killed someone undeserving, allowed someone else to die or prosper who shouldn’t. Maybe you want to clear your name. Maybe you want to clear your conscience.

Comradeship: You might have been motivated by abstract or material concerns when you first dropped off the grid, but over the months or years, that all fell by the wayside. The real reason to be part of a crew, you came to realize, is for the intense bond between men and women who depend completely on each other for their lives and livelihoods.

Mystery: You are driven to solve a mystery: this might be a personal mystery (What happened to my old partner?) or a political mystery (Were the vampires behind the Iraq War?) or an arcane mystery (Where do vampires come from?).
Special note: The solution to the mystery may invalidate your Symbol as a Source of Stability.

Nowhere Else to Go: After you got out of the service, you were a directionless vagabond. After years of failure and desperation, finally your reali life seemed to begin. The team and their jobs have been your life.
Special note: You do not have a Safety as a Source of Stability.

Patriotism: Just because you don’t wear the uniform or collect the paycheck anymore doesn’t mean you stop loving your country.

Programming: You are under some outside compulsion to hunt down and kill vampires.
Special note: If your programming involves the implantation of false memories, or the suppression of true ones, their revelation will almost certainly result in a serious Stability test. Similar consequences may obtain merely discovering the fact of your programming, if you were unaware of it, and the nature of your programming likewise.

Restoration: You want to come back in from the cold. You want to rejoin your old agency on good terms, ideally on your terms. For that, you need leverage, and product: actionable intelligence that only you can make use of.

Revenge: Someone hurt or killed someone you cared about deeply.

Slayer: Once you found out that vampires existed, you knew it was your life’s work to kill them. You understand that vampires are slavery, and disease, and poison, and everything that is wrong.

Thrill-seeker: You joined up thinking of Rambo or James Bond. You feel a new kind of alive when you’re closest to death.

Transparency: You left the service because of the stultifying, crushing, distorting secrecy surrounding the job. You want the truth to get out; you want information to be free.


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