Sample Character Seeds

These are the example character ideas I found most interesting for the backgrounds. Feel free to use/modify for your own character. I’ve avoided the US agents, for the most part. Further information on the many, many agencies here is available on Wikipedia.

Analyst: MI5 threat analyst, Polish Air Force operational analyst, Deutsche Bank econometrician.

Asset Handler: MI6 case officer, SVR “journalist” under cover, Italian ROS major running Mafia snitches, French DRM officer monitoring warlord activity in Bosnia.

Bagman: Iranian VEVAK terrorist paymaster, American OTFI agent monitoring SWIFT transactions in Switzerland, FSB obshchak collecting tribute from Russian mafiya rings.

Bang-and-Burner: IRA or ETA bomb-builder, Polish Army combat engineer, Special Branch bomb disposal expert.

Black Bagger: Bundespolizei museum security specialist, DGSE or Mossad covert entry specialist.

Cleaner: FSB mole in the Interior Ministry, Special Branch security operative, Camorra-connected trucking supervisor in Naples, Bulgarian NIS officer handling “renditions” for the CIA.

Cobbler: MI6 or SVR documentation expert, Interpol document-security officer, Italian Guardia di Finanza customs inspector.

Cuckoo: SVR “swallow” trained to lure Western men into “honey traps”, BND-sponsored journalist, Iranian VEVAK agent monitoring dissident expats, MI6 “talent spotter” looking for foreign targets vulnerable to blackmail or recruitment.

Hacker: Ukrainian industrial-espionage contractor, GCHQ codes-and-signals “wrangler”, IDF Unit 8200 cyberwarfare programmer.

Investigator: MI5 or FSB field agent, French National Police inspector, Italian special anti-Mafia magistrate’s officer, Triad fixer.

Medic: Scotland Yard forensic pathologist, MI6 “inquisitor”, GSG 9 trauma medic, Paris or Naples EMT, WHO or Medecins Sans Frontieres hematologist, Russian Army biological warfare specialist.

Mule: Bent Spanish SVA customs officer, Israeli mafia Ecstasy smuggler, SVR “oil engineer” under commercial cover, bent Louvre art restorer, MI6 “bride” courier taking documents to an agent in a denied area.

Muscle: GRU or Carabineri NCO, ex-Bundeswehr mercenary in Bosnia, ex-Spetsnaz bodyguard for the Tverskaya Bratva, DGSE “Active”, MI6 “scalphunter”, FSB “nursemaid” for potential defectors.

Watcher: MI5 or FSB “pavement artists”, Camorra “nightingale” lookout.

Wet Worker: GSG 9 sniper, FSB or Mossad assassin, Camorra hit man, IRA “hard boy”.

Wheel Artist: Union Corse car thief, DGSE “Action Division” driver, U.S. Diplomatic Security driver, Deutsche Bank-provided chauffeur.

Wire Rat: GRU or DGSE comms expert, Interpol security systems consultant, Metropolitan Police CCTV installer, MI6 bug-sweeping “ferret”, Mossad technical services officer, USIA radio engineer.

Sample Character Seeds

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