Thriller Combat Rules

Night’s has a whole pile of optional combat rules. I’m in favor of most of them, but wanted to put them up for review/comment. As a general rule, you need at least an 8 in the relevant skill to use most of these, and you may only use 1 per round.

Autofire: Spending Shooting points to add damage dice and/or hit more targets.

Called Shots: Increasing attack difficulty to improve damage.

Critical Hits: Extra damage when you roll a 6 to hit. I’m not a fan of this one.

Evasive Maneuvers: Spending Athletics to boost your hit threshold and also penalize your attacks.

Extra Attacks (Req: Combat skill 8+): Spend from your pool to make another attack against someone you’ve already hit.

Two-Fisted Firearms: This is a subset of Extra Attacks that I think is pretty stupid.

Feints: You can spend points from Hand-to-Hand or Weapons to reduce someone’s Hit Threshold.

Jumping In: If you haven’t acted yet this round, you can jump up in the initiative order by spending points.

Mook Shield (Req: Hand-to-Hand 8+): You can drag henchmen in the way of bullets meant for you.

Reckless Attacks: You can spend Athletics to reduce your Hit Threshold and make it easier to hit your opponent. I’m not a fan. If you want to be better at shooting, spend from Shooting, not Athletics.

Smashes and Throws: Spending a bit of extra Hand-to-Hand either lets you use the environment as a weapon.

Sniping (Req: Shooting 8+): Spend a round aiming with a rifle and it gets a lot easier to hit a guy. Also, it makes long range shooting cheaper.

Special Weapons Training (Req: Shooting or Weapons 8+): A point of extra damage with a specific model of weapon. It costs 6 build points per weapon you want.

Support Moves (Req: Athletics 8+): Athletics that give another character a bonus to their combat rolls.

Suppressive Fire (Req: Shooting 8+): Draw a line and opponents who try to cross it have to make a difficult Athletics check to avoid being shot.

Thriller Combat Rules

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